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Testo della canzone Taking It To The Top (DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince), tratta dall'album Rock The House

Taking It To The Top - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

Now I'm the Fresh Prince, and if you got good sense
You'll keep your distance, because my sole intent
Is to rock and shock the spot and give my all which is a lot
And no, I'm not about to stop because I'm takin' it to the top

A whole lot of people rap but what good is that
If the rap that they're rappin' is way off track?
I don't mean to attack you but I'm cuttin' no slack
To those people that I hear saying meaningless raps

In actuality, I mean in reality
The words that you use are a mere formality
Vocabulary is not what it's about
The point that you're tryin' to get across is what counts

'Cause when a lot of rappers rap, they try to use big words
But that's the most absurd thing I've ever heard of
They think that that's impressive, but when will they learn their lesson
That it's not the words that count, it's the message

They get a lot of big words out of some magazine
And nine times out of ten they don't even know what they mean
They stand up on the stage, huffin' and puffin'
Rappin' for nearly an hour, but they're not sayin' nothin'

Really but a lot of jibberish and I know that they all wish
They had access to fresh rhymes like this
I came to rock and shock and give my all which is a lot
And no, I'm not about to stop because I'm takin' it to the top

Fresh rhymes and a razzmatazz
Smooth power and grace and mucho pizazz
Good looks and charm and personality
You punch it in your calculator and it adds up to me

I know the same goes for the rest of my crew
My deejay Jazzy Jeff and Ready Rock C too
The ultimate combination of strength and prestige
My crew holds the key to fun and everything you need

To party all night, yes, it's you we will excite
The time is right, so don't fight it, suckers, please don't bite it
We came to rock and shock and give our all which is a lot
And no, we're not about to stop because we're takin' it to the top

I really hate to brag about him, but when people doubt him
I have to stand up and tell the whole world all about him
'United we stand, divided we fall'
Is the motto of our crew and it's honored by all

Of us, we pledge allegiance to the work we rehearse
And it enables us always to come out first
We came to rock and shock and give our all which is a lot
Yo Jeff, man, why don't you take it to the top?

We succeed every time we attempt
To rock the house, you've got to dance 'cause no one is exempt
From the rules set forth by us, of course you know
Stay out our way or behold the brute force of me, Jeff and Ready Rock C

We're a trio, oh, you didn't know? That means
That there's three of us, one for all and all for one
And we're takin' it to the top before we get done
I'm inclined to rhyme, anytime you'll find

It ain't a rapper with a mind as impressive as mine
I insist on a rise and I despise a decline
On the day I descend, that's the day I resign
I'm creatin' my trends and innovatin' my rap

Why is that? I don't know, I guess I got it like that
My personality extends beyond the realm of mediocre
My advice for life is if you want somethin' go for it
'Cause there's nothin' that's beyond your grasp

Just set your mind to it, work hard and you can have
Anything that you want, the sky is the limit
Stop lunchin' around, get up and go get it
'Cause I came a long way from the past till today

Now I'm never slowin' down, ah, ah, no way
I came to rock and shock and give my all, which is a lot
And no, I'm not about to stop because I'm takin' it to the top

Writer(s): Jeffrey Townes, Willard Smith
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