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Testo della canzone Rock The House (DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince), tratta dall'album Rock The House

Rock The House - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

When we rock the house there is no doubt (is no doubt)
That me and Ready C will turn it out (turn it out)
We're down with the DJ Jazzy Jeff (Jazzy Jeff)
And you know that we are def (that we're def)
And you should not settle for less
Than the undisputed best
That's right, we are the best
Everywhere we (go), every time we do a (show) Everybody wants to (know) how we make em say (ho)
The way we do is not a magical trick
It's just a lotta def rhymes (just like this)
Somebody yell 'hoooHooo-ho Say 'ho, ho' Ho, ho
Now I'm the Fresh Prince, hello, how do you do?
I just have a little fun with the rest of my crew
So take a chill and just relax
Yo, Ready C, pretend that you're a D.J. and scratch
Go Ready Rock, go Ready Rock...
All right now, bust a move And get the hell out if you're tryin to bust the groove
Cause we came to party - all through the night
And we're excommunicating those who don't act right This is a - party), so grab somebody
Drink some Ba cardi and dance with everybody
The feeling's good, some people think it's great
Get on the dance floor and let your body dirate In cadence with the beat, just move your feet
While the Prince is on the rhyme (Ready C is on the beat)
My. beat box rocks everywhere we go Getting utterly respected at every show
No other can beat me. No girl can out-freak me (Man, I'm getting tired)
Ready C, give me a beat, please
He does a lot that others cannot do Ready C and the Prince, the toughest two man crew
We're coming out rockin and we're takin what's ours
Ready C is the man and the suckers he devours
Beat after beat he gains respect
Ready C is the man that's keepin others in check
I like to rock with him, side by side
Me and Ready cold chillin with the utmost pride
So if you're not down by law to rock the spot
Then get the hell out, cause we're never gonna stop
My beatbox We been rockin kinda hard ever since we begun
Yo Ready C, man, play Stanford and Son (Ready C- playing standford and son)
Now play it under water (Ready C)
How 'bout a fresh beat A fresh beat Ready C, how 'bout a fresh beat A fresh beat Bust it (Ready C)
Well, his name is Ready C, and I'm tellin you
He can play a beat forwards and backwards too (Ready C)
Play it backwards Go Ready Rock, go Ready Rock... Bust it Backwards
Do you know where you're going to
And do you like the things that Ready C is showin you? (Showing you)
Where you're goin to (goin to) Do you know that we are down by law?
We want you all to know that we're primal of all
And when we rock the house there is no doubt
That me and Ready C will turn it out
Do you know where you're goin to
And do you like the things that Ready C is showin you?

Writer(s): W. Smith, C. Holmes
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