Testo della canzone Sinners (Saved By Grace) (Remix) (Deitrick Haddon feat. Big Boi), tratta dall'album Saints & Sinners: Original Soundtrack From Season 1

Sinners (Saved By Grace) (Remix) - Deitrick Haddon feat. Big Boi

Oh oh oh

We're just sinners saved by Grace (Yeah)
We're just sinners saved by Grace (Yeah)
Whoa, whoa
Go lift your hand, give God the praise
Whoa, whoa
Go lift your hand, give God the praise

I used to be that preacher, telling people what to do
Judging everybody, full of pride and self-consumed
'Till one day, I fell so hard; Lost my Faith in God; I couldn't even pray
So I say: Don't matter who you are, don't matter what you've done
You're never far from grace

We're just sinners saved by Grace (Yeah) (Everybody got a past)
We're just sinners saved by Grace (Yeah) (But ain't everybody got a future)

I don't listen to nobody, that's claiming to know God
But can show no love, that cold and so hard
And don't say that I never told ya
Don't matter what's your sin, His love is there for ya
And I pray your focus don't go down, you turn your life around, some way and some how

We're just sinners (Ororooo) (That's right)
We're just sinners (Ororooo Ororooo)

My grandma started me a Sunday school, cool, went in the afternoon too
Got the word doing Sunday service, making the speaches Always made me nervous
And now all my sermons serve over the globe like the pastor speaking in the mega churches
A power ball make nigga millions
All for my kids that my children's children
Materialism can't take it with ya boy
Only your soul is worth the way in goal
Only the strong survive to make it on
In this time to meet your Maker's soul
What they say when you get to the pearly gates?
[?] me to the gates of Hell
You wait to Develop themselves to introduce to eternal flame to say:
Oh Lord im sorry, oh I promise
Imma be good, ignore my problems
Imma see You, and no more comas
No drama no baby mammas
Trough I walk trough the valley of the shadow
Don't feel the life cause this life that you pass tho
Nerver had those doubts in faith because this hard times we gotta pass those

Whoa, whoa
Go lift your hand, give God the praise
Whoa, whoa
Go lift your hand, give God the praise

I've been the saint, I've been the sinner
I've been the good boy, I've been the nigga
Son of a preacher, you going figure
I get off my wrong that's a believer
I bound on, I heard them call right at my sin and that this is all my fault
Say that didn't have to be perfect at all
Because of His love I'm standing tall
Devil is a liar, he's a deceiver
Look at me now, I'm a new criature
Judging someone is like pulling the trigger
You kill'em before they can meet the redeemer
He's a forgiver

We're just sinners saved by Grace (All you gotta do is ask)
We're just sinners saved by Grace (Ororooo Ororooo)
Whoa, whoa
Go lift your hand, give God the praise
Whoa, whoa
Go lift your hand, give God the praise

Watch out! watch out! watch out! watch out!

Writer(s): Scott Russo, James Christopher Perkins, Andrew Nast, Johnny Baldary, Bryan David Mahoney
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