Testo della canzone Chevy (David Cash feat. E-40, Problem & Clyde Carson), tratta dall'album Chevy

Chevy - David Cash feat. E-40, Problem & Clyde Carson

Baby I'm sitting clean
Got some paper rolls with me
Only one rides with me
Lil mama fancy free
Just like in the 90s I drink my drink, I smoke my weed
Why the homies sip and sleen?
He get it by the 60s
Maybe the weed I may be the diva to roll my weed for as I speak
Got me in the speakers, hating niggas beter speak up when niggas dont' speak
Bitch I'm on, I'm on I'm on, I'm on I'm on
Just roll eyes on, just roll eyes on, just roll eyes on
Got becks in this trunk I'm free. Ride
Khally nigga and I'm feel it, and my feelie niggas that feel me
Keep that heat when the roll get shit,
Hey I'm rounding round in my Chevy
Snap really mean this heavy,
The L 16 the finishing I'm rounding round and I'm deadly

2 x Bitch I'm heavy, I'm riding round in this Chevy
I'm rounding round in this Chevy,
I'm rounding round in this Chevy
Bitch I'm heavy, I'm riding round in this Chevy
I'm rounding round in this Chevy,
I'm rounding round in this Chevy

It's can't be how I leave em, lil mama must be teasin
Wish look I unbelieve it
See looks can be deceiving
Make a .that shit she pass out
That shit heavy them ass shots,
First sheavy don't ask out
The perfect ashes them hat scot
Purple weed ., red cops, blue stars
This shit slaps nigga, buy cars nigga, buy bars
Then trade em all in for some no one she got used one
But I do some to get excluse on
No shop and I knew some
I'm . turned on, go ahead I guess your tongue,
Uh, it's about this money
It's always bout some money
So I'm pushing rounds in this Chevy
Pushing pounds of this lastest.

2 x Bitch I'm heavy, I'm riding round in this Chevy
I'm rounding round in this Chevy,
I'm rounding round in this Chevy
Bitch I'm heavy, I'm riding round in this Chevy
I'm rounding round in this Chevy,
I'm rounding round in this Chevy

Fall west side seminal, west side seminal
West side criminal, nigga know interviews
I push this hoes interview
Push for I get it you,
This could be the end of you
Could've see the general
I pointed your dinner food like you find intend of you
Nigga fuck rapping out body you, gotta you,
See me the bull you fact, I close cast to you,
Fuck flag and I'm all black and it's the reachable
Then I said money with some family
Then I'm .help south beach Miami,
South the dead this is young race nigga shit
I'm living out of west next stop is the dealer ship
Ghost need a ghost someone that .
In the way the shit is looking we got action
Fuck the bitch for support of it
All sources snicks, most be on some foreign shit,
You got your war with the confortable king
At the fucking your bitch in the shower I sing
You were horn, I'ma chosen it's the power I bring
I just say one of my shoulders is the vow to get teen
And you're gone in the heart beats talking you want a harmy
Just do it motherfucker don't warn me,
Get your money and your power in your army
Get your gun with this handle the shit with the corn lee,
So awkardly it's sign of my orphan them,
Fuck talking I'm walking out and orphan them,
Oh I'm so show line, my enemy better watch my this six times
I probably don't hit the strips six times
Six quits for his quick they get it six times
Fuck one time how many times six times, six this times
How many niggas die for this
How dare you niggas make me go win
When I'm trying to get a shout and buy us back in
The same jean this is common sense
I ain't got the answers just the consequence
And what's my click was a chainable vence
To let up to this now it is what it is.
Quick complaining nigga go and check the town
Get the niggas get you grew up with them put em down
I had nothing but some real plans
And some real friends and we all with all end from the same box
Is to black and sands
I live like a king and die like a man.

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