Testo della canzone Tekzilla (Common), tratta dall'album The EP

Tekzilla - Common

(Featuring Hi-Tek)

On the streets on the side
I look a man in his face eye to eye
And wonder why
I don't wanna die
I hope you don't wanna die
So why bring it my way?

"Common Sense in a ghetto in Chicago"

Yo Tekzilla
You know I ain't the type to play killa
But this day still arrives in my mind like a flight on down
Thursday night had plans to be out
Till the night served daylight
But it ain't happen
Rappin' to myself cause there wasn't noone to rap to
This feeling came to me like somebody lookin' at you
There was these cats who me and my crew boxed against
Gotta - spotted the glock now the nigga's got some confidence
Cause I'm Common Sense and I rap consciousness
He was prop to dis mad cause my guy used to knock his bitch
I could sense he was tryin' to bring it
But I wasn't ready to receive it
In fact I made him leave it
Before he could achieve it
As we rolled through the streets of cottage grove
And reach the stoplight
Behind me, he flashed lights bright, sorta cop-like
I'm thinkin' Tupac-like cause he got out the car
I was taught only to fight in defense or the in will of Allah
And ain't no talking when it's time to spar
So before he popped some shit I did? I act my shit is solo?
Back his lady trying to hold him like big pun
I stowed 'em and told 'em
I ain't'a shoot I just punch a lot
Between blows this nig' tried to up his glock
His brother watched spooked like a daddy on teenage love
He got 'buked til my tape I got sing like a dove
Got his dome into her
My fist brought back the one hand
Tried to pop it musta been a nine cause the gun jammed
Unplanned I disarm this trick nigga
Pistol-whipped his ass, his lady's I was palmin' it
Hollered '87 reign dominant
Needed a fight that night
Me and my woman had a argument

"I guess I should tell you a little something about myself"
"I bang with the big boys, those who obey"

Hey now why you gotta hold yo' thang?
Scared to shoot, scared to shoot
Shoot for the revolut-
Peace y'all Common Sense and Hi Tek
Traveling the world it's just a day in the life
Of real niggas

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