Testo della canzone The Bill Collecta (Chamillionaire feat. Krayzie Bone), tratta dall'album Ultimate Victory

The Bill Collecta - Chamillionaire feat. Krayzie Bone

[Chorus: Chamillionaire]
Now you're in trouble
Here comes the bill collecta
Now-now you're in trouble
Here comes the bill collecta

When I hang up my phone ya already know
It's about to go down if you ain't got my paper
When I hang up my phone ya already know
It's about to go down if you ain't got my paper

Man... You knew that you had those warrants
You kept ignoring those warnings
You said that it was annoying
Like makin them payments wasn't important
Yo' TV in the pawn but you tell people it's in the storage
And When the police pull you over you be givin' an oscar performance
A ticket you can't afford it
With Expired plates on your taurus
Your baby momma stay trippin cause none of them kids is supported
You messed up every appointment
Thats why you ain't got employment
With spiderwebs in your wallet your pockets look like they haunted
You always wanted to be famous, well you gonna get what you wanted
America's Most Wanted, they 'bout to see ya up on it
You normally move like a tortuise, but you get in your car and your floor it
But you can't even escape cause the repo man got you cornered


[Bridge: Chamillionaire]
Better pick up your phone, better pick up your phone
Seems like every time I call you I just get a dial tone
Better pick up your phone, better pick up your phone
Seems like every time I call you I just get a dial tone

Betta check the check the checker you checking. you ain't gotta profit
And you try to hide until the repo man come and shake up dem pockets
I'm talkin to you cause your rent is due and you ain't tryna drop it
Til the lights turned off in your crib like lamps that ain't got no sockets
They comin' to get what you got and you tryin to say you ain't got it
You ain't paid a payment, a part of it, half a peice or deposit
So I suggest that its best that you use some reason or logic
Or the bill collect is comin' to come and see ya about it
Got it?


Yall just betta have my dough because
I'm comin around the corner hundred miles and gunnin
Finna ride by dumpin'
If anybody owe me somethin', then I strongly suggest you run it
Yall better respect the bill collecta
Or you'll get chin checked like the rest of 'em
Never did joke when it come to the decimal
When it come to gettin dough I'm a professional (fresh ya know)
In it to win it
I get to bombin in a minute
Any and every thing over three digits
These suckas they really think krayzie be slippin'
But I'm here to tell em I den already bent em
Money is a mission gotta have that dolla bill yall
Fell its really enough to kill yall
I might fall but I get right back up and still ball
Stil raw
Still get down with the buck bang
So give me all my change
Bust brains, cause I gotta maintain
Got just enough game to get me paid
Just enough aim to leave you laid
Out on the pavement
Down on the game
Believe me
You'll pay cause I got three hundred and fifty seven reasons


Writer(s): Seriki Hakeem T, Henderson Anthony, Salinas Juan Carlos, Salinas Oscar Edward
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