Testo della canzone You Promised (Commentary) (Brantley Gilbert), tratta dall'album The Devil Don't Sleep (Deluxe / Big Machine Radio Release Special)

You Promised (Commentary) - Brantley Gilbert

You wrote or co-wrote 25 of the 26 songs on this album
Some of them deeply, deeply personal and
Just talk to me about being willing to kinda
Put your heart and soul out there
Put your emotions on the line and
And just truly give yourself that much to your fans

My favorite part of my job is
That I am and I get to be that 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' guy
I don't have to keep up with a story
I don't have to tell lies, I don't
You know, I feel like my stories is interesting enough as it is
And the reason I take so long in between records

My records are chapters of my life
Everyone to this point, now I-I-I can't speak for the next one
'Cause I don't know what the next chapter of my life holds and
You know, I've always wanted to kinda go back
And, uh, and retrace some steps
And, and, address some memories from the way I see things now

Uh, looking back on decisions I made
Not that I would change them but just
From a reflecting perspective
I guess you could say
But it is all about being in the room with somebody
And, and telling stories or
And, and I guess embracing emotions and expressing those things through words
And melodies

I-I feel like songwriting is
The truest form of expression outside of prayer
And to be able to sit in a room with
One, two, three people
And have them learn things about you
'Cause I'm extremely selfish as a songwriter

Uh, and with my records
If-If it's not about me or somebody very close to me
I don't write songs about things that I haven't been through
'Cause I just, uh, feel like they come across as insincere
And I feel like listeners pick up on that

But to share parts of my life with other people and, and
Put those stories to a melody
What I found is that the songs that are more personal to me
Resonate better with people

If I try to write a broad, general, marketable
It's never worked that well for me, I mean
There are writers who can say
"I'm gonna write a number one song today"
You know and it happens
I'm not that guy
I'll take time in between records because I wanna be able to
I wanna make sure I say what I need to
My-my co-writers and I say what we need to

Well, I think when your fans hear this album
They're gonna feel like it was worth the wait
And this is the last demo that's on the deluxe version of "The Devil Don't Sleep"
It's called, "You Promised"
A very personal song from Brantley Gilbert on Big Machine Radio

Writer(s): Brantley Keith Gilbert
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