Testo della canzone Live Tracks (Commentary) (Brantley Gilbert), tratta dall'album The Devil Don't Sleep (Deluxe / Big Machine Radio Release Special)

Live Tracks (Commentary) - Brantley Gilbert

There are ten additional songs on the deluxe version of "The Devil Don't Sleep"
And so, you know Brantley we know what the 16 are
Tell everybody who doesn't know
What are they gonna get with the deluxe edition of "The Devil Don't Sleep"?
What are these ten additional songs?

So the 16 standard are the standard tracks, that's the chapter that tells the story
The ten extra
Five are songs recorded live from two sold-out shows at Red Rocks in Colorado
Which is two of the most incredible nights of my career
And I think the band and the whole organization would probably second that
It was just incredible
Yeah, that venue is amazing (in itself), mm-hmm

And I do feel like part of the Red Rocks experience is the visible part, but
I also feel like when I listen back to the-
You know I didn't know that they were-, we have a board recording every night
Board mix we can go back and listen if something is not G on the right
We can go back and listen and figure out what it is

But Jesse Franklin, my lead guitar-player and band leader
Had the front house guy bring the Pro-Tools rig
And record without me knowing (oh wow)
And we were just looking for some addition stuff
Because it had been three years on this record
And we just kinda wanted to do some extra things

After it was all over, and we was putting some ideas back
I called him, my manager and I were on the phone
I said, "Hey, we didn't by any chance have our regular board mix
Or anything from Red Rocks show that sounds decent?"
Then he went, "Dude" (oh, man)
He was like
"We the whole thing both nights recorded in its entirety (that's amazing)
And we had crowd mics"
They set all the stuff up without me knowing and everything was right there (wow)
This is the first ever live content we've ever released on record (yeah)

And, uh, it's five songs that folks have heard before
One of 'em's a Hank Junior cover, my favorite Hank Junior song of all time
But it feel like listening back, that you can feel
A little bit of the energy that was there that night
And I was so glad because those are two shows I'll never forget

Just that energy...
I'm a songwriter and I don't know if there are words for those two nights (wow)
There's just something that happened there
Something happens there consistently but something new there too

Thank God for that foresight
Right? (Wow)
I'm telling you
This stuff blows my mind all the time, it's not always good

Well, you know what?
In this case it worked out, and would love to do something kinda cool
Obviously, we couldn't be all there at Red Rocks
But you've these five incredible songs that were recorded live
And I say let's just kinda put together that live experience
Let's recreate that and we gonna go ahead and roll these five
It's sort of a mini live concert from Brantley Gilbert
And you'll get these if you purchase the deluxe version of "The Devil Don't Sleep"

You're gonna hear Brantley performing "Read My Rights"
Then "Hell On Wheels" then followed by "Grown Ass Men"
Plus a cover of Hank Williams Jr "Outlaw Women"
It's the only song on this album he didn't write
And he'll finish it up at Red Rocks with" Kick It In The Sticks"
And then we'll come back and we play the other five cuts
And hear a little bit about those from Brantley but here he is live from Red Rocks
This is "Read Me My Rights"

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