Testo della canzone Young Son (Brand Nubian), tratta dall'album The Source Magazine (Fr) Mixtapes, Vol. 2

Young Son - Brand Nubian

Young young son, yea, dont let me down young son, uh huh, am trusting you
Young son, uh, dont let me down young son, uh huh, am trusting you young
Son, young son, dont let be down young son, uh huh, am truting you young
Son, uh, dont let me down young son am trusting you young son

Now don't get caught up by the corner
You know these blocks be hotter than a sauna (young son)
Don't let them peers put the pressure on ya
And when you make moves, make moves cause you wanna (young son)
Don't get caught up on some monkey-see, monkey-do
Stay focused, and understand the thug in you (young son)
And just handle your business
And always be persistent, like Jehovah's Witness (young son)
And never take no for a answer
Unless it be a chick cause you could end up in some shit (young son)
Like some bull shit they hit Kobe with
You dont want to be a baby daddy better rubber it (young son)
See am just telling you what I know
Dont let haters mess with your flow
Dont be stupid and trick your dough
And always be careful of them shiesty hoes (young son)

(Chorus x5)
Young son don't let me down young son am trusting you
Young son

I need you to hold the fort down
I ain't liking how this judge in court sound
I might have to spend time away from the fam
And if I do then I'm a need you to act like a man (young son)
This is no time for tears
It's time for you to man up, time to face your fears
Looks like your old dad might face some years
Don't allow the family name to be disgraced and smeared (young son)
Protect your mother and little sister
If anybody diss them become the pain inflictor
So much responsibility I hope you can handle it
Here take this 9 mill son I hope you can handle it (young son)
You're my only hope for the future
And knowing you can do it gives me hope for the future
Son I trust you this is something that you must do
Till they release me from these walls or I bust through (young son)

(Chorus x5)
Young son dont let me down young son am trusting you
Young son

One young son, he want to get a scholarship
The other want to get a whip from the car dealership
Chips off the old' block is what pop will say
One's on the court, one's in court all day
A mother's heart smiles and it grieves at once
She cries at home, but in the public she fronts
'Where did we fail? How did we prevail?
From the diploma ceremony to the jail it's a journey
One wants to beef one one needs a attorney
Two separate from life there heart beats as one
They came in to this world together as twins
And as long as the world spins they'll be joining
You could say one was annoying the other disappointed
But they still love each other they should there brothers
Son get your brother out of jail
Because with a little bit of love he can heel (young son)

(Chorus x5)
Young son dont let me down young son am trusting you
Young son (scratching)

Writer(s): Dj Battle
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