Testo della canzone Survival (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony feat. Ky-Mani Marley), tratta dall'album Survival

Survival - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony feat. Ky-Mani Marley

Girl, I'll be there when the morning comes
'Cause these hands were made for survival (Talk to 'em)
Girl, I will be there when the morning comes (Legal)
'Cause these hands were made for survival

There's many levels to my hustle, the struggle won't take me under
They wonder how I survived it, kill it then revive it
Witness a survivor
The man is strictly the provider, the ambitions of a rider
It's too strong, I gotta make it
But if makin' it mean I gotta fake it, I'd rather stay on my cray shit
Basement, nigga we keeping it real around here
They tried to lock us out of the game
So now we're coming from 'round rear

Gotta hold my head up high, only got ten toes on the pavement
The survival's oh so real, with one foot in the grave
We just signed a new deal, plenty more money to make
I can eat whatever meal, now I can get my bills paid
Still hold down the block, still runnin' and duckin' cops
Tryna slam me back down but that's not possible
I'm keeping my eyes on the prize man, that's how I'm focus
Pedal to the medal and my own lane wide open

Girl, I'll be there when the morning comes
'Cause these hands were made for survival (Talk to 'em)
Girl, I will be there when the morning comes (Legal)
'Cause these hands were made for survival

I won't die, I won't die
I promise I won't die tonight (Not tonight
Baby, not tonight, not tonight, not tonight)
I won't die, I won't die
Girl, I promise I won't die tonight
(Not tonight, not tonight, not tonight)
Girl, tonight

Hey look, I do this for the all of
The rap, serious like a heart attack
Focus on the paper I stack 'cause I need a larger pack
Death, see I can't conjure that, here to bring the honour back
Get respect so kids in the ghetto can one day follow that
I'm runnin' a marathon, niggas is out here racing me
Ain't no erasing me, ain't no disgracing me
Ain't no replacing me, I do this for tomorrow
But if I die tonight, I die a martyr

Yes here Bizzy be still in the zone
When niggas ask me what I'm doing, I proceed to make it known
You don't have to be the coolest, it don't mean you ain't a Bone
I'ma have to be the truest, homily to leave the throne
Nobody fuckin' with me, got be ready and then I be gone
And after I'm done, they gotta purport fear, baby we're debutant
Have no motherfucking fear and I put that on the Lord
I'ma pull out one of my swords
I don't give nobody none of my tears, I live and work

Girl, I'll be there when the morning comes (When the morning comes)
'Cause these hands were made for survival

Give 'em an inch, they want a mile
Show 'em love, they play the cowards
That's for me, I was scoping like a thousand niggas
Pump now so tomorrow niggas
Rock-a-bye Bitches, never say never, gas out
That's on my mental, it's simple, we hustle, continue, continue
If you not playin' the real games, step out the way
'Cause 'round here, it's real thangs, that's all day
'Cause what I've been through
I've been through, in my mind, it's no equal
Strategise 'em, I'ma have to ride and take from you people, get equal

I won't die, I won't die (Won't die)
Promise I won't die tonight
(Won't die tonight, not tonight, not tonight, not tonight)

Writer(s): Steven Howse, Anthony Henderson, Charles Scruggs, Bryon Mccane, Stanley Howse, Kymani Marley, Glen Faria, Vincent Van Den Ende, Thomas Deelder, Steve Lobel, Eugene Jamaal Arkliss
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