Testo della canzone Checkin' Out (Bobby Womack), tratta dall'album Back To The Streets - Celebrating The Music Of Don Covay

Checkin' Out - Bobby Womack

I would like to dedicate this song
For one of the greatest writers of all time
My friend Don Govey
He's got it all
He's got it all
Listen to me

I just got finished
Giving the hotel manager
Back the room key
And I paid my bill

You see, I was outside in the car
In the shadows of the parking lot
Telling this woman that I was with
How happy she had made me
And she had made me feel real good

Kissing and hugging
And all of a sudden
Another car pulled up
On the parking lot

And, people
I couldn't believe my eyes
'Cause the woman that was
Sitting in the front seat
Besides another dude
Turned out to be my old lady

There she was with another man
Oh, oh, it hurt me so bad
And the only thing I could say about it

Oh, I was checking out
And my old lady
She was checking in

You see, I was with my other woman
What hurt me so bad
She was with her boyfriend

Listen to me

Tears, tears began to fall like rain
She waited outside, y'all, in the car
While he went inside to rent the room

I wanted to say something to her
But there was nothing to say
'Cause the woman I was with
Yes, she was married too

Ow, checking out, my old lady
Old lady, my old way
Was checking in

See, y'all have to understand
Where I'm coming from

I was trying to be cool
About the situation, sitting there
Another woman asking me
Saying, baby, what's wrong
Are you that happy
I see tears falling down

But y'all see I don't understand
Another man was taking my old lady
Into the Hideaway Motel
And I was with my other woman
And I couldn't say a damn thing

She, she
She was supposed to be at home
Minding the kids
But both of us were being untrue

Ooh, I guess I'll have to go on
Go on being blind
'Cause I can't reveal you
Not without showing mine
Not without showing mine

Oh, I was checking out
Hear me, people
My old lady with another man
Was checking in

You see, people
What made it really so bad
Was, uh, the hotel operator
Gave her the same room
That I had just checked out

Oh, the tears started
Falling down like rain, rain
Every time I thought
I had it turned down
It would just start acting up again

Oh, oh, oh, I, I, I, I
Somebody, somebody, talk to me
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

Have you ever been there
All you got to do is wave your hand
Let me know I'm not alone, oh, oh

Baby, I'm checking out
That woman you see with
Another man was checking in
And what make it so bad
That's my woman, oh

Writer(s): Don Covay
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