Testo della canzone Johnny Was (Bob Marley feat. Guru), tratta dall'album Chant Down Babylon

Johnny Was - Bob Marley feat. Guru

The unity must have to start now

Because I mean, how long would we have to suffer?
Let us learn these things that we must be united

That's right

Truly, we're involved in a struggle
So what we going to do?
We got to make it right for our people
For our forefathers and mothers
That's right (must be united)
For the seeds (must be united)
(Must be united) Spiritual warriors

Woman hold her head and cry
'Cause her son had been shot down in the street and died
From a stray bullet

Woman hold her head and cry
Explaining to her was a passerby

Who saw the woman cry (cry)
Wondering how can she work it out
Now she knows that the wages of sin is death, yeah!
Gift of Jah is life (life)
She cried
Ah-um, I, I know!
"Johnny was a good man"
I, I know! (never did a thing wrong)
"Johnny was a good, good, good, good, good, good, good
Good, good, good, good man" (Johnny was good man)
She cried

Any attempt to change my stance son, would be futile
Ma, things for you would never get easier oow child
Supreme the colour scheme
Why brothers die with dirty cream
They avoid their dreams
But they obtained by worthy beings
Homicide statistics, obituary colums
Numerous things listed
Different violent types of behavior depicted
They murdered my bredren
He was a good man
Protected his fam, we all respected this man
Still his life got held up like liquor stores or old school jams
What goes around re-surfaces
Now is it worth it kid?
Do you really wanna get out the game?
I know you nervous kid
Hot and caught up
Like my boy Bokeem in the flick
Plus we know reality is much more worse and much more sick
Your cerebral eye probe vocals, can't touch your ear-lobes
Destroying all microbes
The ill dynamic psycho
Analyst, so understand it this
Beautiful world as we know it, is definitely at risk
Righteous soldiers professed to be triumphant at battle
Loud cries from the cell, many cages rattle
Fire radiates heat, ice radiates cold
I radiate thoughts and ideas all things wit in my control
Some men travel down twisted roads
And innocent lives get lost
May Jah, bless his soul

Johnny was a good man (And I know)
Never did a thing wrong
How (Han, han)
Johnny was a good man
Kinda woman's tender care, keep crying
These two was the child she bare
Ohohoh, a woman's tender care
Seem to all the child she bare
Woman cry just like I am there

Word is bond he was a good man
So is my man BIG
Rest in peace BIG
So is my man Pac
Rest in peace Pac (Rest in peace Pac)
So was so many other brothers
Too numerous to mention (To numerous to mention)
Time is now (Time is now)
For us to fight for what is ours, rightfully
As was prophisised from the beginning
So shall it be (So shall it be)

Writer(s): Bob Marley
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