Testo della canzone The Summer (Blu feat. Imani, LMNO & 2Mex), tratta dall'album Good to Be Home

The Summer - Blu feat. Imani, LMNO & 2Mex

Ayy [?]!
No man I'm serious man
You gotta fall back on that
You gotta get cha' soul back jack

Armed [?] looking for the PCP
Riding backwards off the handlebar on the twelve speed
Floatin' around, holdin' on from the last high
Below sea levels, swimmin' fast with the Devil
Fire to the metal, spoon then zoom
Fire that make you expire more than soon
No family, foundation, a sick patient
His past health grades are sayin' he's been spacin'
Full blown comatose, he's always in a cloud of smoke, on the roast
Dusted, no swiffer, busted up the zipper
Rusted at the lip he couldn't do it for the [?] (nah nah nah nah nah)
'Till the wheels fall off, a piece of his soul is lost every time he coughs
Make zombies look lively when he gets that fix
Broken down spirit trapped in his skin (uh)

Angel dust ain't strange to us
Things that are dangerous are within range for us
[?] Park
Watching the dealers bust
Hollywood Boulevard where tweakers cuss with crust in their eyes
I'm a night tripper in disguise, fiending for a [?]
Sittin' [?]
Forbidden candy, in the Camry, not worried about what can or can't be
Tryna defuse her like John Candy
John Belushi, Gorked out but not loosely, you wanna wet out? lick a square of my loose leaf
South Central liquor store lucys, skinny dip until the chemicals induce me
Duce me to the beast that got it all started
The shit is hittin' harder than Joe Jackson on the dawn of a talent show
Smoke that tickin' time bomb, get my palms [?] slow
See the homie but he's not really there
Tryna' have a conversation with the ghost not there
It's like I'm stuck and the lights are off and I'm locked [?]

That's the Devil's work, take it and let it work
It ain't got nothin' to do with angels
It's just strange people doing strange things in weird places
My people, angel dust don't play (don't play)
Have you moonwalkin' in the middle of the freeway
Don't believe what your friends say, my pops
Told me back in the mix, before crack came
It was wattaheads, trippin' off of sherm sticks (sherm sticks)
They call it out on your feet, have a nigga runnin' butt naked down the street
Didn't know that you like to get wet
It's smokin' all the water that'll get you get you wet
Ready set put it on the end of your cigarette
Have you shakin
' On my front lawn, molly ain't got shit on (on on on on)
Say it (angel dust dust)

Writer(s): J. Barnes
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