Testo della canzone Try Counting Sheep (Black Sheep), tratta dall'album A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Try Counting Sheep - Black Sheep

One sheep, Two sheep, Three sheep, Black Sheep

No further ado
I give introduction

Of Dres and Mista Lawnge
A newfound baby sound production
I'm not out to [vick?] you
To strip or evict you
But merely do the things you wanted to but weren't able
Like move a party side to side
Sway for sway
And stride for stride
First fine tune
Then hit volume
Aw sheep, hit the bass and got the boom
So move to a rhythm that's quite uplifting
Just when you thought that nothing would rise, I'm drifting
Higher (higher)
Yeah, higher
I'm not a king, a prince, a ruler or a squire
I'm not a prophet and I'm not a messiah
I'm not a wolf or another flat tire...
I'm the Black Sheep man, oh yeah, I'm here
And even if you turn, I bet your girlfriend stares at me
And with me
You step, she just might come get me
Not slow but with a bounding leap
She'll be pulling my wool... (and what else?)
Count Black Sheep

One sheep, Two sheep, Three sheep, Black Sheep

It's a Black Sheep "La Cosa Nostra", or "Thing Of Ours"
A family affair that overflows the reservoir
Of dollar short and daily sports who don't know what to do
Because I'm rocking you, rocking you, rocking you
Now listen because in a unit or family
A poppa, a momma
And brothers or sisters, see
An atmosphere of love in the air
Can give a clue or hunch
To the way we all became black Brady Bunch (okay)
To continue
There's a sister who is bright
A brother who's a wiz
Another that's not right
Stays out all damn night
You wake him up too early, cursing ready to fight
You say left and he says right-o
You want to see E.T. but brother there puts on porno
Love the family pet, I bet you even feed him Rave
Brother cooks your tabby in the microwave (meow)
He'd probably swipe your wallet if the light got dim
Now you have your doubts
But you never put it past him
And in the end, on that one you never sleep (never sleep)
Cause he's a Black Sheep

One sheep, Two sheep, Three sheep, Black Sheep

What's up party people
Party people, how ya doing
Black Sheep coming through
And then I guess that we're pursuing
A bit of your time
We'll skip over my sign
And get into a beat and a bass line
Stepping to the fellas
Fellas, peace and how you be
Keep the party orderly
We all can get booty
So before you rift, go play the bar again
Chill, count to ten
And bring me back a Heineken
Cuties, cuties, cuties, where's the hoes?
I knows and you knows and I know you know
No jam complete without a flock of bo peeps
Am I right?
Am I, am I, am I right?
Focus that I see tonight be
The epitome of sexy
Then again, it's just me
Honey next to you might look like doodoo
But don't nap, a cutie might be in her crew
In any event
I see the movement
And wonder where it is that the time went
But I'm out
See ya when the sun goes down
And the Black Sheep are in your town
Throwing down
Be there in a second so don't sleep
And if you do
Count the Sheep

One sheep, Two sheep, Three sheep, Black Sheep

Writer(s): Andres Titus, Norman Whitfield, Cornelius Grant, Edward Holland Jr., William R. Mcclean
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