Testo della canzone Into It (Big Sean feat. Hit-Boy), tratta dall'album What You Expect - EP

Into It - Big Sean feat. Hit-Boy

Absolutely (absolutely)
Type of shit, nigga hit you up
Nigga see what you doing
Got the nerve to ask me, "What you been up to?" (what?)
Man, you know what I've been up to (bitch)
What you expect?
Forever and ever, homie, forever and ever
Skin glowing, straight up
(Trapadix, Trapadix, Hit-Boy)

She want me alone
She wanna get intimate, intimate (intimate)
I run through the plays like it's Broadway
Except this scene got not end to it (run it)
I run through the plays just like an instrument
Swear, I get way too into it (run it)
I'm not done with this shit 'til it's done, lil' bitch
And that's just the sentiment (yeah)
Into it, into it, I'm getting way too into it (into it, into it)
Into it, into it, niggas be asking for more than they give to it

Hol' up (hol' up, hol' up)
Old flame and she want rekindling
I almost answered the call until I remembered why I had ended it
Five-second rule (five)
That's how much time every decision get (Ooh)
My crib got a gym in it, built like Olympian
Running Mulholland and Michigan (running)
I love that pussy, almost as much as my businesses (for real)
And hearing my niggas is innocent (for real)

And making sure they life story full of all commas, nigga, period (period)
Success, I dap up the ref
I still got no tats but she inked my name on her flesh (yeah)
What you expect?
The realest that she ever met (ever)
Digital signatures, I just signed a multi-right over text (M's)
The difference between, I live in it now, you claiming you next
You just some lil' shit that's under the carpet I already swept
Clearly, I'm an example of when all of the dots connect

Look at my roster (look)
Nigga, I'm critical with the selects
At dinner, I'm eating baguettes, neck full of baguettes
I ain't miss a bitch, I ain't skip a step (yeah, yeah)
It's all in the genes (yeah), you ain't gotta guess (yeah)
The team is in unison, everything mesh
We ball like the Mets, phew
And I'm getting into it, into it (into it, into it, into it)
She confess that she love me, I know that it's genuine (whoa, I know)

Headlight, headshot, leave your vest out (grrr)
When I step up, step down, foot on necks, can't leave no steps out (I can't)
Fuck that Scat Pack, my bitch bring SRTs and Hellcats out (swerve)
They was waiting for my fall off, but they all fell back now
Shit is tremendous, come to your senses
Pay what you owe, I'm out of extensions
I can see through all the hidden agendas (woo)
Multiple colors inside of the pendant (woo)
That shit done cost me like two or three Benzes (woah)
I gave your album like two or three listens (woah)
Honestly, that shit a way better frisbee (woah)
Came through the exit and still made an entrance (yeah)

And I'm getting into it, into it (into it, into it)
She want me alone
She wanna get intimate, intimate (want me alone)
I'ma run through the plays like it's Broadway
Except the scene got not end to it (run it)
I run through the plays just like an instrument
Swear, I get way too into it (run it)

I'm getting into it, I had to commit to it (yeah)
Don't take me out the game if I'm injured, and I'm hurt (hurt)
Just know I'ma limp through it, and I'll just get through it
I'ma win through it (through it)
Political how the industry is
If you don't have connections, yeah, you might get a shot
But that's like pulling up half-court to shoot while the rim moving (hol' up)
But I sink it anyway, why? 'Cause I been proving (damn)

You can tell who chosen and who do it for influence
The baddest, done been fluent
And I know their vibes and energy is a language all on its own, and I been fluent
If I hold a conversation with you for longer than five minutes
Guaranteed, I'm dropping wisdom and gems through it (gems)

Success ain't success if you can't put your friends to it (no)
Everything has flaws if you put the right lens to it (uh-huh)
People who go through the worst and ain't learn shit
What's the point even being through it? (Yeah)
And it's no ends to it
Even when they drop the casket
And I'm into it, it's still no end to it

Writer(s): Sean Michael Anderson, Chauncey A. Hollis, Earl Patrick Taylor, Greg Davis
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