Testo della canzone Theme Song (Big Boi), tratta dall'album Sir Lucious Left Foot...The Son Of Chico Dusty [Deluxe Edition (Explicit)]

Theme Song - Big Boi

Shawty what yo' number is? (ohh)
Shawty what yo' number is?

[Chorus One]
If you behave I'll, take your number baby
And then I'll save it, in a very special place
Girl I hardly know you
But you got your very own theme song (very own theme song)
Very own ringtone (your very own ringtone)

[Chorus Two]
And then I'll save it, in a very special place
Girl I hardly know you
But you got your very own theme song (your very own theme song)
Very own ringtone (very own ringtone)

[Big Boi]
Come on baby, come on baby to my jungle
Program my name and my number, under Plumber
And I'ma lock you in as the Plunger
Cause you and your mouth really do wonders
Umm, I think I still like you baby, my drawers in the backyard
I like a J{?} when you say hit the crack hard
Her doggy-style pulled the black card?
No way we ain't tryin to take it that far
But you a star, and I'ma let you shine
I see all the signs when you showed the full moon from behind
Closed do's, come out them under-clothes
Shawty I chose you and not them other hoes
A toast I propose to all those
Who know the G-code and got they very own

[Chorus One]

[Big Boi]
How do I even begin? Shit, I'm him
The B-I to the G, B-O-I, no hyphen
And then be puttin that icing on your cake
Like lightning strikes in the same place - not me
I tell 'em hurry up and waaaave
Like a jailhouse getaway driver with his foot on the braaaake
Dyin to accelerate
And tryin to get hitched, bitch I'm tryin to celebrate
Confiscate digits
Then vacate the premises, this is not the way we finish this
This is just the genesis
With the most winningest player on the team but no tennis's
I been a member since
I turned the age of innocence and if you behave then

[Chorus One]

No matter where you are I hear yo' song
And I'm comin to scoop
Swoop you and sliiiide, slide inside
Slide inside you baby

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

Very own ringtone
You got your very own ringtone
Very own, very own, very own
Ooh yeah~!
I got to save your number, save your number
Save your number, save your number
Yeah yeah yeah, save your number

Writer(s): Patton Antwan, Murray Raymon Ameer, Wade Rico Renard, Etheridge Marquez, Allen Dre
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