Testo della canzone General Patton (Big Boi), tratta dall'album Sir Lucious Left Foot...The Son Of Chico Dusty (Explicit Version)

General Patton - Big Boi

Get the south dick up out your mouth
What you talkin' 'bout?
See we know everythin' you're about
So try another route

Paperboy, you can't destroy what we done built
Pick on somebody your own size and fuck around get killed
But not like the kilt above the knees
BB will plant you niggas like seeds or fertilizer for the trees

Emergency vehicle last seen speedin' from the scene, nigga
Take one for the team, now he's bleedin' from the spleen
Stay so fresh and oh so motherfuckin' clean
No blood splatter or evidence, long distance with a beam

We come in peace
While some of y'all niggas come in greed gluttons
Fuckin' up the game like ice, heroin or speed
Slow down nigga

Speed it up like ballad of Ricky Bobby, boy go fast
Not a hobby, this my life, you disrespect it, that's your ass
As one half of the Outkast return like ghost of Christmas past
It's the son of Chico Dusty must be West Savannah bad

Had to go to church on Sundays with great grandma and granddad
Taught me always follow Jesus when the grass didn't have a path
If I ever fell astray then God will get me back on track
Didn't say that Rico, Ray and Pat was gettin' with me and 3Stax

Then we spittin' 'cause killin' everythin' that we attack
Special forces of the rap game so you best take heed of that
All the shit you rappers lack, we got plenty, here's a snack
Don't ruin their appetite because your shit is really whack

Whack ass nigga
This shit's like breathin' to me
Born and bred for it

Another battle won, another story to tell
Listen to the angelic pluckin' of the puppet strings
As Sir Lucious puts his left foot forward
And rides of into the horizon of infinite regression, victorious

Undefeated on the battle field
Against the means of ignorance, greed and hatred
All contenders to the throne are left naked
Because the truth is the only thing you could never be stripped from

And if you commit to that truth
You could end the vicious cycle
Affectin' our youth today
If we just stop lyin', if we just stop lyin'
Stop lyin'

Writer(s): Antwan Patton, Ruben Bailey, Donny Mathis, Joshua Ryan Adams
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