Testo della canzone Tangerine (remix) (Big Boi feat. Rick Ross, T.I. & Bun B), tratta dall'album Street Runnaz 53

Tangerine (remix) - Big Boi feat. Rick Ross, T.I. & Bun B

She said her name was Tangerine, damn the American Dream
She all about her fucking cream, shake it like a tambourine
Shake it like a tambourine, she shake it like a tambourine
Shake it like a tambourine, she shake it like a tambourine
She said her name was Billie Jean, said she wanna show me things
I pulled out a stack of green, shake it like a tambourine
Shake it like a tambourine, shake it like a tambourine
Shake it like a tambourine, shake it like a tambourine

Now let's set it straight, B-I-G don't cuff or cake
I put her on a plate until she's no longer awake
They just lay fast asleep when I hit them with the snake
Put that venom up in them until I leave them with the shakes
On display, she's a model but she only model shoes
Not fake like a prosthetic leg or prostitute
How'd she choose? She just whisper in my ear, "I'm with you"
I'm the type of dude that sends your baby momma out for food
And I also like her throat action with a passion
Love in her mouth for dental satisfaction
That means I hit the head like Greg Louganis then I'm splashing
Ugh, bust one back in the 'Lac stabbing
She knows what's happening, there's no reason to doubt it
If you ask her how I got it she say "How he had went about it was"
And then you wake up from a bad dream
A nightmare, settle down cause she right there

Ok midnight, fit like four or five chicks
In the drop 66 bumpin' Southernplayalistic
Yeah we riding through the city like Monday Magic City Nights
Pass Dees around momentarily they feeling like
Getting right, good girls got them getting busy like
Big dykes, eating so much pussy they forget pipe
All got boyfriends, tell me they don't hit it right
They come see me so they can come be freaks
In the backseat, everything fair like a track meet
All I can see are titties, pussy lips and ass cheeks
Actually, no exaggeration no imagining
Real talk, my reality is your fantasy
Keisha, Kim, Tameka, Shay, Alisha and Gloria
Chasing this broad tryna find euphoria
Name notorious, dick game glorious
Find me shorty when your boyfriend boring ya

Shake it like some Texas Pete dropping on your collard greens
Make it hotter and she want a dollar do you follow me?
Shake it like a tambourine, shake it like a tambourine
Shake it like a tambourine, shake it like a tambourine
Smelling like some tangerines, rolling like she on some beans
Garter belt full of green, booty busting out the seams
Shake it like a tambourine, she shake it like a tambourine
Shake it like a tambourine, about to shake it like a tambourine

Once upon a rhyme I knew this girl and she was fine
As everything outdoors, the kinda girl I describe her
Like Michael Jordan when he's froze in a pose
Of a jumpman, top flight security on these hoes, man
She drop it low only for me to pick her up
When she's liquored up I'm leaving my fingerprints on her butt
Ten-hut at attention as we stand for this woman
General Patton, boy stop we think she's coming
Loving the way that I'm licking her down boy you bluffing
Nothing, while a nigga like me be straight up royal flushing
But this ain't about playing no cards, dummy
Her get me open my sugar and she go hard for me
Even take a charge for me if the coppers caught us riding
To get a tray of fruit and a pack of 1.5's and
I'm all the way on them papers, she all the way on my team
We burn it down like California trees in the breeze

Writer(s): Patton Antwan, Harris Clifford Joseph, Knighton Willie Edward, Culbreath Terrence
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