Testo della canzone Return of the Dope Boi (Big Boi feat. Killer Mike & Backbone), tratta dall'album Doin' It - Single

Return of the Dope Boi - Big Boi feat. Killer Mike & Backbone

Yup, D-Boi, yeah

Yeah, I'm on some Dope Boi shit
(Now I ain't steppin' out 'less the ice is right)
Yeah (And I ain't swervin' the ride 'less the lights is bright)
Return of the Dope Boi
(D-Boi, D-Boi, D-Boi) Yeah
(D-Boi, D-Boi, D-Boi) I'm on some Dope Boi shit (Yeah)
(D-Boi, D-Boi, D-Boi) Huh
(D-Boi, D-Boi, D-Boi) This the return of the Dope Boi

Who be the freshest out the catalogue?
Somethin' like the freshest of 'em all
Fresher, buy them all, look now
Fuck with me girl, you're guaranteed to have a ball
Shorty said she with me
'Cause she love the way we carry on
Carry on like my Louis Vuitton rollin' bag
Put it in the overhead, then I order apple-cran
Cran-apple 'cause it's too early for alcohol
Still sweatin' bullets 'cause security
They have them dogs
(Fuckin' D-Bois)
Perignon and a table full of chicken wing
Icicle, let them hoes know we gettin' chains
Big bank, in the Chevy paint gettin' grain
Wet paint weave on her like shit stains
Ain't nothin' changed but the pampers on the baby, mane
Went from D-F Express to the motherfuckin' gravy train
Niggas in the Points took the same
What them niggas are holdin' now
Join gangs, Collipark, bang, bang

Bang, bang, bang, bang
You see it, ho
Brand new and it's still the old school
I ain't playin' with none of yous
Ayy, ayy, ayy

Levi denim, switch up, kill 'em Louis V
First class suits, I fly across the bluest seas
Italian, introduce you to the bluest cheese
Got a plug in Atlanta, always got them newest trees
O.G. Skywalker Kush evergreen
B.I.G. gon' get it in the air
Just like a trampoline (Trampoline)
I'm sayin', playin' with hundreds of grand
Buyin' tennis shoes out Yokohama, Japan
I don't want the jacket 'less it come with the pant
And I ain't throwin' no money 'less you doin' the dance

I say biatch, you see me whippin' in this kitchen, bitch
I say biatch, I'm tryna whip another chicken, bitch
I say biatch, I got no time to hear about a dirty dish
Biatch, trap nigga tryna get early rich
Money makin', never fakin'
Serve that dope like Fasty (Fasty)
Chop that work and chop that
Work and put it in a baggie, ayy
Up all night, a up all nighter
I be cookin' crack (Crack)
Tell the West Side, tell the
West Side Tide and D is back
No not Warren, no not Warren
Red Dog gon' say hello (Hello)
Back in '94, I trapped out with Shawty L-O (Ooh)
The way that I be flexin', Paul Howard might indict
We jump back like we cook crack for
Tom Black and Terry White

I'm on some Dope Boi shit
(Now I ain't steppin' out unless the ice is right)
(And I ain't swervin' the ride unless the lights is bright)
The return of the Dope Boi
Yeah, I'm on some Dope Boi shit
(Now I ain't steppin' out unless the ice is right)
Yeah (And I ain't swervin' the
Ride unless the lights is bright)
This the return of the Dope Boi

Dope Boi, Dope Boi, Dope Boi, Dope Boi
Dope Boi, Dope Boi, Dope Boi

Writer(s): Rico Wade, Jamahr Williams, Michael Render, Raymon Ameer Murray, Antwan Andre Patton, Patrick L Brown
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