Testo della canzone She Hates Me (Big Boi feat. Kid Cudi), tratta dall'album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors

She Hates Me - Big Boi feat. Kid Cudi

She said she love me when I'm gone
She miss me being home
I'm always at the studio that makes her alone
Recently she even seems to hate on all my songs
Deleted my pictures took my face up out her phone
Where did we go wrong I'm sitting here thinkin'
She said the weed too strong, it keeps my breath stinkin'
Dizzy high, I ride away in my Lincoln
Close my eyes and fly away but no blinking
I'm just dreaming she ain't really screaming
It goes both ways and I was trying to get even
Lost my whole evening mostly for no reason and
Just my broken weaslin', now I'm trying to ease it in
Came home late I just put the key in
It would probably be straight if she was european
She's not she's hot and mad as she can be
If you can hate on anybody girl I'm glad it was me

She hates me, I know it I kno'
She hates me, I know it for sure
But I'mma make her love me
I'mma make her love me again
She hates me, la la la
She hates me

I mean it started with the rose petal, ended with the stem
By the car, while I was thinking "Damn here we go again"
We used to hold hands and had such deep convo
Make a few plans like you wanna go where I'mma go?
Well let's leave pronto and thats what we did
Then we yelled out geronimo and jumped off that bridge
Had a couple kids, you can move where I live
I know old ass niggas that's scared to do what I did
The shoe still fits but I'm wearing out the sole
Sometimes I really feel as if I'm burning out my soul
I should have a lot, been preparing for my show
But instead everybody keeps dick riding my flow
Now I know I ain't white bitch, but bitch I ain't broke
If she acting like a bitch, I guess we're around white folk
Forgive me if I raise my voice I won't raise a hand
But one thing I will do baby is raise my little man

She hates me, I know it I kno'
She hates me, I know it for sure
But I'mma make her love me
I'mma make her love me again
She hates me, la la la
She hates me

Writer(s): Antwan Patton, Christopher Carmouche, Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, Jeret Black, Sharif Wilson, Treie
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