Testo della canzone Play Action (Audio Push feat. Hit Boy), tratta dall'album Play Action (feat. Hit-Boy) - Single

Play Action - Audio Push feat. Hit Boy

Got no tree in this bitch, but I'ma find some
Yeah, yeah, get it, get it right, get it
IPhone still on 1 percent
I be getting money, I'll be counting chips
Yeah, look

Tell them boys I'm back with a vengeance
Back for the swag I invented
Niggas trying politic that ain't appealing
V12 kitted, something like a chemist in the kitchen
Really I might pull an Aston up to pitches on you bitches
Paid my pops a visit, paid the block a visit
Attorney fees adding up, my lawyer cost a ticket
Told my accountant I can not cut back on my spending
Cheques clearing, used to shop on clearance, T.J. Maxx
It's funny how I blow through racks, nigga I can not relax
Inland on the map
Hit Okt and Price with the pass, probably go behind the back
Keys could've hooped but he got caught up pushin' crack Fuckin' bitches, skippin' class
Average story of a young black nigga from the neighborhood
Feet on the pavement when you see me nigga say what's good
An episode on how I'm living with my life like damn
I ain't gotta ask Regis for a lifeline
Yeah who wants to be a millionaire off a kick and the snare
Got the hi-hat rollin' and the squad back rollin'
Got my fronto head high
Shorty takin' headshots
I'm not talkin' photograph
I sit back and count my math

Make it flip, make it flip
Yeah yeah
Make it flip, make it flip
You know I make it flip, make it flip
Yeah yeah
Make it flip, make it flip

Tell 'em hoes I'm back with a vengeance
I need rose petals at the entrance
My fist high I'm black I'm with the business
I was 6 years old in detention
Okay go 'head
Back when Nas was rappin' It Was Written
Ooh damn okay
Excercise my fifteenth amendment (damn)
I vote to never fuck with hoes and snitches
These rap niggas tryna steal the template
Hit they must've thought that we was finished damn
I'm black, I'm proud, I'm Huey P. descendant
I talk her out her draws in a sentence
I knock the fucking walls off the hinges
That IE shit, secure the bag and make it flip okay

Make it flip, make it flip
Yeah yeah
Make it flip, make it flip
You know I make it flip, make it flip
Yeah yeah
Make it flip, make it flip

Make it flip, make it flip
Like Simone bet I make it flip, make it flip
Call my phone we can make a grip
Take a seat, take a sip
Smokin' bake a zip, you know I don't never trip
Cause I'm coming back with a vengeance
Immaculate women, want a chance with a nigga
But I'm bad with commitment
Off top, don't stop
Make it flip they pray you flop
When it drip they pray you drop
It get cold when you get hot
I don't conversate a lot cause niggas bops when you on top
Tryna hit a nigga with the yap, no not Dre, here Okt
I'm locked in on the flip, just did another with Hit
Just got a call for the bags so that's another to get
Cause I'm flippin'

Make it flip, make it flip
Yeah yeah
Make it flip, make it flip
You know I make it flip, make it flip
Yeah yeah
Make it flip, make it flip

Reporting live for 90951 News this is Too Much Fly High. We're on the scene live in Rialto, California where a massive house party was just shut down, due to the top floor collapsing. Luckily no one was injured. But the poeple are pouring out into the streets and appear to be heading to another location. We're following as they're yelling out streets and names that are unbeknownst to us. More details ahead but it definitely appears that this is just the beginning of the night for the Inland Empire

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