Testo della canzone Children Of The Future (Apollo 440), tratta dall'album Dude Descending A Staircase

Children Of The Future - Apollo 440

Now, the children of the future tried to come to terms,
With the industrialised nations and their corporate firms,
To decontaminate the planet and meet their demands,
Detoxify the oceans, rivers, lakes and lands,
Purify the air, get rid of nuclear waste,
Put it on the a rocket ship and send it into space.

Tone down, bone down, hone down, hatred!
'Til love for the most highest creation is sacred.
Rectify, recompense, re-evaluation;
Clarify, satisfy, the current situation.
Spiritualize, realise, crystallise aspirations;
Recognise, stabilise, the unity of nations.
Take all the bullshit and bury it with a shovel,
Quit the lying, spying, alibi-in' daring the devil.
But the parents of the future, like the ones in the past,
Had an apocalyptic childhood and the die was cast
Those among their leaders were the children of the present,
And some of them were devious and extremely unpleasant
Irradiated, mutated, DNA deranged,
Sci-fi, sinister, slick and strange.
In a megalo-manic, satanic, pseudo-scientific mode,
At the pavilion of oblivion based on creed and code.
The super secret, inclandestine, indiscreet elite,
Saw their conquest of nature ending in defeat
They had dared to do what they shouldn't have done,
And the planet overheated from the rays of the sun.
You couldn't tell them nothing 'cos they didn't wanna hear it,
And were oppressing all the people 'til they just couldn't bear it
And so the children of the future went underground,
So deep down that they couldn't be found,
Fleeing for their lives for all it was worth,
They burrowed in their capsules 'til they reached the third earth.

At the depth that was equal to the stratosphere,
They met the underground dwellers who lived down there.
These subterraneans were evolved and were aware of the facts,
And gave the children shelter then covered their backs.
They were illuminated, elevated, extrasensory heightened,
Transcendental, mega-mental, fully enlighten.
Into teleportation, levitation, meditation, cryptographics,
Clairvoyance, telekinetics, astral travel, telepathics,
Comprehensive comprehension, total memory retention,
In every third eye seeing subterranean state of being,
Within a multiple dimension, a gravitational suspension.

Then they taught all the children 'bout the secrets of life,
To gain inner peace instead of stress and strife.
Meanwhile the mutated, fabricated, tyrants and such,
Were trying to colonise space but it was mega too much.
Their computers were deluders and androgynous clones,
And had the planet subdivided into no-go zones.
With their doomsday scenarios all coming to pass,
They were holding out, in dread and doubt until the last
While the pursuit of the children had been in vain,
With everything to lose and nothing to gain,
Making war on the surface time and time again,
Until the end was beginning from beginning to end.

But the children of the future had learnt the arts,
Immunity of mind, body, spirit and hearts,
They kept on evolving 'til they the reached the stage,
When the children of the future finally came of age.
For death had taught them what life was worth,
And had prepared them for the task of leaving planet earth.
Then a starship came from deep within outer space,
And took the children of the future to join the cosmic race.

Writer(s): Norman Fisher-jones, Trevor Gray, Howard Gray, Jalal Nuriddin
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