Testo della canzone Karma - High Contrast Remix (Adam F feat. High Contrast), tratta dall'album Drum and Bass Warfare - Disc 1: The Remixes

Karma - High Contrast Remix - Adam F feat. High Contrast

I Am The One You Denied
Brushed Off Every Time I Tried
But Im Alright
I'm Able To Swallow My Pride
N Put All The Bullshit To The Side
If U Ready To Ride
Im Down For A One Night Stand
I'll Accept It Any Way That I Can
Cuz I Aint Yo Man
I'll Try For Whatever Its Worth
Just Remember Who Played Who First
[Lloyd Banks
I Cant Keep My Eyes Off Ya
I Can Tell Why Them Other Guys Lost Ya
Ya Kind's Red In A Flyin Saucer
And Thats Why I Can Offer
Similarities And The Characters
Havent Ya Heard The Word
Round Town How I Get Down
They Gone Wistle
Every Bodypart Is Official
When That Ass Witchu
Got My Dick Hard As A Missle
Dont Hop On Top Cuz I Ride Around Wit A Pistol
If They Pull Us Over I'll Be Out Of Town Wit A Issue
If You Was Mine Id Introduce U To Momma Girl
You're Stylin In Your Boots N Gabanna
Im So Used To Ur Prada
I Take Trips Cuz Out In Houston Its Hotta
Throwing That Al Green N Juice That Impala
Lay My Jewels On My Collar
Ya Had Me Feeling Like A Fool When I Holla'd
Trying To Squeeze In But You Wouldnt Bother
But I Aint Either
Soon As I Realize That I Didnt Need Her
She In A Rush To Get Close To Me But I Aint Eager Shit
[Lloyd Banks
Look I Dont Mean To Bother You
But Your Sex Appeal Is Remarkable
U Make A G Wanna Walk Around In A Park Witchu
There Aint No Telling The Kinda Things That Im'a Start To Do
If I Get Wrapped Up On Your Ass Too Fast
I Can Tell U Feel The Same Cuz When I Ask You Laugh
So Im'a Leave It At That Take A Hint N Put In My Math
I Imagine You Prolly Look Twice As Good In A Bath
An Im Buggin
Cuz I Can See U Right In The Hood When I Pass
Im Never Stable Cuz Business Is On My Ass
But You Can Be The One That I Visit Before I Dash
An I Admit I Been The Type To Hit N Split
But U Can't Blame Me For The Females That I Been Gettin Wit
Most Of These Broads Jus Have They Eyes On My Grit
Till They Aiint Get Shit N Learn To Be Satisfied With The Dick An'
N If You Aint Worth It Thats All U Get
I Aint Gonna Blame You Ima Blame All You Tricks
[Lloyd Banks
It Seems Like Your Attitude
Only Appears When Im Mad At You
An Several Situations Occur N That Includes
When Im Gone Too Long Ridin' Thru Them Avenues
As Soon As I Get Home There's Rumors An Scattered News
U Know My Fantasies Am I Feeling Things Or Can This Be
Ur Girlfriend Trying To Sandwich Me
My Hearts Colder Then Sandwich Meat
Cuz I Come From The Hood Where The Hammers Beat
I Move Fast But At Switch Pace
N Pop A Listerine Strip In Before U Get All Up In A Bitch Face
Moving Your Body Like This
Gone Make Me Blow Like A Bottle Of Cris
Man I Dont Know No One Hotter To Twis
You Got My Temperature Risin' From Your Hips To Ur Thighs An
That Glare In Your Eyes Will Brighten Up A Horizon
It Comes Naturally I Dont Bribe Em
Its Easy As... 1, 2, 3 N I Slide In

Writer(s): Lloyd Christopher Charles, Yancy Marvin Jerome, Jackson Charles Henry, Doby Gregory M
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