Testo della canzone Treesun (Leave Her to Fall) (2Mex), tratta dall'album 2Mex

Treesun (Leave Her to Fall) - 2Mex

Foul play
On a summer day bumping De La Soul its a Saturday!
Without the roller skates
Threes no doubt the sun shouts out my daily solar fate
Must get up to motivate
There too much hope out there to cultivate
In this world and out the stratosphere
I'm looking at this girl like yo kiss me out of here
Don't care if your out of beer
Lets go to the trendy spots
And outdated gear
Let the posh
Of the Oshkosh
I paid the cost of the mosh pit to be a lost cause
Lets hit the in-in-out
At the end of the night we get through the old in-in-out
That would be something to dream about
But thats not what I'm really all about
In a crowded room your name I'm calling out
I'm about to bloom in this game?
Don't get me wrong and don't put on your make up yet
Lets fight again so that we can have make-up sex
I'll put the Elliot smith in the CD changer
Put your slit back on ill be the city stranger
No need to role play
Just roll with me and well be OK!

Lets have a friendship uh slash relationship
And if it ends and crashes well just say it isn't shit
Don't say it was wack because you never really know
We might just get back together
You know all of our friends hate us
No one else in Los Angeles wants to date us
You go out with pretty boys and dress up
I go out with a pretty girl that lives to dress up
Is that what you want?
We both know that this is messed up
Yo I'm ready to roll if you would fess up
I can't talk about you no more
I'm looking at the from door
Cant waste my time trying to convince her
Hey! I just met a new girl on friendster
Word up yo
She likes the eels
This girl knows exactly how I fee

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