Testo della canzone Shades of Orange (2Mex), tratta dall'album Knowhawk

Shades of Orange - 2Mex

God, I'm ready
To essentially become a melody in your medley
I'm an elevated entity
Contaminated energy, laminated mentally
As the faith of the world grows thin
I dance in a trance all night and become him
One win does not equal one wind
Run into the shade of the gun that the sun sends
Dug in, I'm done with this skin
Ready to become one within, candle in
Grandmother moon, come home soon
Mushroom and bloom over this gloom and doom
And, uh, open the room and put hope in the womb
I can't cope in this tomb, isotopes in my Zooms consume
Along with the notes from this tune, I'm supposed to be doomed
I'll be compost in June
Dead and buried
Well-read and married, led and carried
To the belief that I will one day be a leaf
Not even the will to live should ever kill to give
Elaborate labyrinth maverick
Collaborative aboriginal tablets of Arabic
I am the ambiance in a fabulous ambulance

And it WILL stop [x12]
And it WILL...
"You sympathize, you express concern, hiding behind [?] visions of
Eternal light... so afraid to face reality" (sampled film dialogue)

Another awesome Autumn blossom
In the bottom overwhelming colorfast, pulverizing mother mass
Life is too short to be sad
And knives are the sport of the mad and, uh, sort of a fad
Follow through to swallow you
Conflict of interests inflict the intrinsic
I have bricks and fabrics
And carefully place the words a dabble and babble with
Pivotal, digital nature
If you fidget or are not original then I hate you
Progress is Our guess, Our guess is no less
Note to know less and got to focus
Plot to process, the end is in
Let's defend the friendless against ten defendants
An appendage of independence
Always at advantage with my attendance
Reminder that even blind we're not a blur
Show him that to know wind is to grow in
I'd rather be more in than way all out
I can't fathom pouring a tall glass of doubt
Soar over the core of a nuclear fall out
And you hear me call out:

And it WILL stop

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