Testo della canzone Only as Good as Goodbye (2Mex), tratta dall'album 2mex

Only as Good as Goodbye - 2Mex

[*Answering machine message*]
Hey what's up yo this is Alex
Hey hey thank you for the email
Uh you got the flyer already then?
Ok you know cool cool good good
I'm coming in today I'll be there like at 5
Go to the venue meet me at the venue
Yeah I miss you too its been so long
See you there bye

[Awol One]You got one night in town break out
Of the ground baby doll are you down
Only got one night in town
Baby doll are you down

[Verse 1: 2Mex]
Hey yo thank you
For coming out to the sound check
I haven't even started running around yet
We just got here not to long ago
Is it me or did your hair get longer? No?
Why do you still think we met on the legends tour
I know I met you before that I'm just not sure
I think I met you on the flow and tell
I think we just said what's up to each other we didn't know each other
That well
Why don't you take me away for part of the day
I'm down if you roll a j
Yo just take me away from this tour van
I'd love to walk around the city holding your hand
So is it all right if I stay with you so
I can pocket the money the promoter gave me for the hotel
Cool you're the best
No ones gonna take that away from you yes yes
So what up now I heard you have a man now
Hey that's cool whatever
I understand how you get lonely yo
Busdriver told that on the other tour you came to his show with some homie
Hey that not your man no more?
That not my business what happens
I'm just letting you know I know that it happened
Hey I know your in the mix
Don't front it sucks we only get to kick it once
Every 6 months
Lets not talk about that tonight
Shoot me back to the venue cuz I got to go rock the mic
Yo really though
I got to get to work
But its so cute you came to my show wearing my shirt
No I don't think that your stalking me its funny
How you chased away the only other girl that wanted to talk to me
But for real though its cool
All the love an affection your giving me is cool
Thank you
For all the drawing pictures and letters
Thank you for letting me kick it with you tonight whatever
Yeah I know you wanna talk about that song
I haven't thought about it in so long
I don't know if you like me or just my music
I like looking in to your eyes just like a muse
Its an even trade
Believe me if I could I would have stayed in a room we haven't made in the shade

[Awol One]
You got one night in town break out
Of the ground baby doll are you down
Only got one night in town
Baby doll are you down

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